We offer both ‘bag on roll’ in SRPs and individually packed premium boxed roles.

We also supply own label products to some of the UK’s largest supermarket chains and retailers.

Due to the breadth of our retail portfolio we can also provide our customers with a single source of supply for all their refuse sack requirements.

We have the capacity to accommodate easily any increased manufacturing requirements when there are peaks in demand.

Our consumer research and testing gives us further understanding of the customer base and provides us with insight into demographics and their buying behaviour. With all this information we can design the right product for the right market and utilise buying channels appropriate to that demographic.

Our retail product range comprises of the superior and strong Visqueen Ultimate™ and the Green Sack™ (100% recycled) ranges. Offering our customers the toughest and the greenest UK manufactured refuse sacks currently available on the UK market.

Visqueen Ultimate™is manufactured in the UK using unique multi-layered technology offering unrivalled strength and tear resistance. Visqueen Ultimate™ out performs regular refuse sacks and linersacross a variety of accredited testing parameters - making Visqueen Ultimate™ sacks UK's toughest and giving consumers everything they want and need from a refuse sack and liner.

Click the link to visit the official website for further news from the Visqueen Ultimate™ team.

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