Our full facilities management range includes black, clear and coloured refuse sacks, black and clear compactor sacks, wheelie bin liners, black rubble sacks and compostable sacks.

We can also manufacture and stock bespoke products to meet customers’ exact specifications. Our leading brand in our facilities management portfolio is the Green Sack™ range of 100% recycled refuse sacks, which are the toughest, greenest UK manufactured refuse sacks currently available for the UK market.

We manufacture the Green Sack™ range from UK waste at our UK facilities, which helps to conserve resources and reduce landfill. This also gives the brand a carbon footprint up to a third lower than other recycled refuse sacks, which are typically produced in the Far East.

The production of the Green Sack™ range from super strength film and used bale wrap enables superior performance, gives them up to ten times the tear resistance of other leading refuse sacks.

Crucially, all of our products have all the necessary technical accreditations to certify they meet the highest industry technical standards, so you can always be confident you will get exactly what you pay for.

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